Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Capitalization of SkyWay Capital

Capitalization of Nintendo (Pokemon) $ 39 billions, Rosneft $ 56 billions, Sberbank $ 48 billions.

Capitalization of Apple $ 547 billions, Google $ 517 billions, Microsoft $ 418 billions. The entire Russian market $ 526 billions.

Perhaps the only two things you need to know about the Russian economy.

Did you ever hear about SkyWay!? Try to learn more...

What do I get from the purchase of shares of SkyWay?

Ensuring the future! Expansion of 1000% or more after 3-5 years. And over the years the cost of the deposit will only be grow. Invest in SkyWay now - it's like to buy a stake in Google 15 years ago!

Capitalization of SkyWay Capital we are doing together and every shareholder can be rich with this stock company. Read more on official site of SkyWay.

SkyWay calculator

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