Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Why SkyWay is not HYIP or Piramida? Is SkyWay a scam? Facts about Unitsky

Facts about Unitsky. SkyWay Awards and diplomas. Read the full value of SkyWay technology.

The eyes of visitors represented only a small part of them - the rest just do not fit. Thus, among other awards - a diploma from Kazakhstan Anatoly E. got his hands of the Minister of Environment in Astana at the international forum for the advancement of the Eurasian space and its infrastructure. Next - a diploma to award Anatoly Eduardovich the honorary title of "Knight of Science and Arts" of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences. Silver medal Anatoly Unitsky - head of the company, which received three marks of quality as a national program promoting the best Russian goods, services and technologies "Russian Brand" for the project passenger and cargo modules, as well as the technology itself string transport. The award "Golden Chariot", awarded by the Ministry of Transport of Russia and the State Duma in the category "Project of the Year in the transport sector." Two gold medals ENEA, Diploma of the Ambassador of the world, a lot of diplomas for participation in international forums and exhibitions in Pakistan, Libya and other countries ...

From a number of other awards, one stands out, perhaps, the most expensive in the life of Anatoly Eduardovich - a diploma in 1966 that the future scientist was still in grade 9 for a working model "Raketodrom".

These awards reflect the most important milestones in the history of string transport. This is direct evidence proving the powerful potential of the string transportation technology. To see these same facts - evaluation of independent experts from around the world - not necessarily go to the office of CJSC "String Technologies" in Minsk. All this you can see on the website of the author string technologies.

Where there are people, to assess the contribution of the scientist, there are always those who stand on the other side. At the end of the conversation, Anatoly Unitsky spoke "about sore" and video footage became more "alive" and emotional: "They say sometimes:" Unitsky - crook, fraudster "... But I must have some kind of a cunning rogue 40 years, I have. invest: if you translate in today's money, I drew on his own responsibility, and has invested in technology to approximately 300 million dollars and that's 40 years I have, in terms of people cheat, cheat, then to steal one million dollars by investing three hundred ". - bitterly scoffs scientist. The game is not worth the candle.

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