EcoTechnoPark — opening a new working area

The Contractor started the process of building the SkyWay freight overpass. Excavation work is under way. Ground was filled inside the Western anchor support on the urban and high-speed tracks. This makes the structure heavier and, at the same bearing capacity, reduces the amount of concrete necessary for its construction. As a result, the cost of construction is significantly decreased. In addition, the ground inside the support will be used for its greening and, therefore, performs an aesthetic function, too. On the Eastern anchor support integrated into the transport and logistics hub, work continues on the construction of the stair unit, which will connect the three floors of the structure: the SkyWay urban and high-speed stations, as well as the Museum of EcoTechnoPark history located at the ground floor.

The SkyWay group of companies presents a new video about the demonstration center of the SkyWay technologies.

For practical implementation and certification of all the specified technological solutions SkyWay, there was taken a decision to build a special object - EcoTechnoPark, comprising as follows:
  • centre for certification, testing and improvement of SkyWay technology, as well as for creation of new generations of transport and infrastructure complexes;
  • showroom for selling SkyWay products;
  • exhibition and business centre;
  • property asset to the value of over 300 mln USD.
EcoTechnoPark will demonstrate all main transport and infrastructure solutions of SkyWay technology:

More photos of EcoTechnoPark you can find here

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