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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

My Investments to SkyWay 2018

On August 2016 I bought shares for 1,000 USD and got 236,450 shares. Today price for 300,000 shares is 5,000 USD. So, my shares on May 2018 cost 3940 USD. Like you see price for shares of SkyWay already more ~ in 4 times. Buy future! Individual consultations in Facebook.

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Monday, April 23, 2018

Sales 2 Days Only on SkyWay Shares and No Discount Any More

SKY WAY CAPITAL is in a hurry to inform its partners about the extension of the 10th stage of the development, keeping the corresponding discounts and investment conditions of this stage in the project.  Such a decision is caused by the important events in the sphere of the international development of the SkyWay project, which allows to make the decision on transition from the current 10th to already 12th stage of the project development.

The transition to the 12th stage will take place on 25 April, 2018 at 23:59 (MSK) and at the same time, there will happen a significant change in the current discount.

Thus, SKY Way CAPITAL provides its partners with a short period to use the favorable conditions of the current stage and to adjust its own investment strategy.

Make sure to invest in the project up to 25 April 2018: go to your SKY WAY CAPITAL personal office in the section "Invest".

All the details will be announced soon.

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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

"SkyWay Indonesia" and Gadjah Mada University

The engineers of the SkyWay project organization are already involved in the creation of the specific projects for Indonesia.  The details on these projects will be announced in the near future. To date, "SkyWay Technologies Indonesia" has been actively cooperating with various public and private institutions (such as "Jorong Port Development") with the assistance of the University of Indonesia, the consulting company LAPI ITB, and the University of Gadjah Mada.  SkyWay views Indonesia as one of the main markets and establishes the cooperation with national programs, such as the "Golden Village" and the National Strategic Program for certain ports and areas of tourism development.

Yogyakarta, 19 February 2018 | "SkyWay Technologies Indonesia" reports:

The Team of "SkyWay Indonesia" left for Yogyakarta to visit the University of Gadjah Mada (UGM) by the morning flight. It is one of the historic cities, located about 520 km from Jakarta.  The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding took place at 08.00 on the West-Indonesian time.  The oldest and largest campus in Indonesia is now ready to accompany the "landing" of several SkyWay projects in Indonesia, participating in scientific research and preparing for the introduction of these technologies.

The campus, which is the alma mater of Director of "SkyWay Technologies Indonesia", Madinatul Fadhilah, welcomes its partners with great enthusiasm.  A week ago, during the first visit of "SkyWay Indonesia", UGM Vice-Rector for cooperation and relations with graduates, Master of Law, Dr. Paripurna Sugarda, expressed his gratitude to the company for returning "home". He posted this gratitude on social networks.

UGM is the third university that signed a partnership agreement with SkyWay on Non-commercial terms after the University of Indonesia and the Bandung Institute of Technology with the mediation of the consulting company "LAPI ITB".    Under the scientific research plan, SkyWay will receive support from a group of experts from the UGM Transport and Logistics Research Center (UGM PUSTRAL) and "Cantaka Nusantara Perkasa" company, which will assist SkyWay in preparing the necessary field data.

In addition to the solemn event in signing the Memorandum of Understanding, "Skyway Indonesia" also launched a CSR program in the form of scholarships and the educational program for graduate students in this multinational company.  SkyWay itself is currently working in Indonesia with several government and private organizations, as well as with the community empowerment agencies.

Madinatul Fadhilah, Director of SkyWay in Indonesia, states:  "Together, we must create synergy for the best Indonesia.  Our priority task should be the work in all sectors and involvement of all the elements of the nation in solving the problems of our Motherland. Indonesia is expected to be able to introduce this technology.  We hope to make Indonesia the center of research, development and production in Southeast Asia.  Indonesia will no longer be seen as a market for the technology giants, it itself will have its own technological giant."

Read the latest news from Tribun Jogia and Universitas Gadjah Mada (in the Indonesian language).

Monday, August 7, 2017

Attention! SkyWay Capital International Forum-Conference in Tallinn

On 12 August 2017, we invite our partners from the Baltic countries and from Scandinavia to the SkyWay Capital International Forum-Conference, that will be held in Estonia, Tallinn. You will hear the latest news and will get to know about the most important project events, about the perspectives of development. All your questions will be answered (in Estonian and Russian languages).

The speakers of the conference are all Board Members of SkyWay Capital: Irina Volkova, Vladimir Maslov, Sergey Sibiryakov, Larisa Artamonova, Aleksey Sukhodoyev, Yevgeniy Kudryashov, Ineta Andzane.

The event venue address: Tallinn,   Paadi 5,    Hotel EUROOPA,

 2nd Floor, Room: LÄÄNE-EUROOPA. You can purchase the SWC advertising printed materials  at the conference.

Participation cost: 10 Euros

Conference Schedule:

9.00 Registration

10:00 Beginning of the Conference

11:30 Coffee break

12:00 The continuation of the Conference

14:00 The end of the Conference

Do not miss the unique opportunity to be the first to get to know about the project nearest plans for the future. We are looking to seeing you at the Conference!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Number of the people who would love to come to the Ecofest is still increasing

Dear Friends!
As the number of the people who would love to come to the Ecofest is still increasing, the company-organizer decided to give them the opportunity to purchage the entrance tickets on the day of the event.  
You can book the ticket on the site of the EcoFest  2017 following the link All you need to do is to fill out a simple form. After having filled the necessary data, a person will receive a letter to his/her e-mail with the unique number of the booking.
On the day of EcoFest, the tickets will be sold through a special electronic terminal in the following way:
1 To register the booked ticket, you should enter the number of the booking and pay your order.
2 To purchase a ticket without the booking, you should fill out a special form of the order, indicate your full name, your e-mail and then to pay your order.
After you have paid the order, the message with the number of your order and the code word will be displayed on the screen. Write them down. You will have to tell the administrator these order number and the code word when entering the territory of the EcoTechnoPark.  The number of the order and the code word will also be sent to your e-mail which you indicated when paying for the ticket.
Please pay attention:  the tickets can be paid only by your bank cards (non-cash payment).  You should remember that it could take up to one hour for the bank to confirm your payment. Please take that into account.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The unibike's speed: what speed can the unibike reach?

Running tests of SkyWay rolling stock began in November 2016, first at the production facility and then in EcoTechnoPark near Maryina Gorka. We studied primarily the interaction of the unibike with the track structure that was at different stages of readiness, worked out control, improved the position control system and linked all existing and developing elements of SkyWay transport/infrastructure complex in a united control system.
During the recent trip to EcoTechnoPark our filming crew was lucky enough to get a comment from the General designer of SkyWay Technologies Co. Anatoly Yunitskiy, who led a team of engineers proceeding with running tests of unibike on the ratio speed/noise. The interview was filmed in one take excluding the reason for unfair critics of SkyWay to judge us by themselves and accused us of fraud.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

How to buy shares for Bitcoin in SkyWay Capital?

1. Open back office
2. Watch this video manual

Rolling stock SkyWay first shown to the public

The first photos from the International specialised exhibition of transport technology InnoTrans 2016 in Berlin, where the General public is presented by the industrial designs of rolling stock SkyWay fourth generation (unibus and unibail), and alarm module innovative string fences, existing physical models of transport systems SkyWay and more. The presentation of the elements of the transport system SkyWay is carried out ex-the Minister of transport of South Australia CEO Rod Hook & the Associated Rod hook, Deputy Director General SkyWay development Viktor Ivanov, designer of exteriors and interiors of rolling stock, SkyWay Maria Makarenko, engineer of KB "Automated systems" Andrey Pavlov, engineer-designer of KB "Body" Eugene Protasevich, the chief designer of Management of rolling stock Andrei Zaitsev head of the information services group of companies Mikhail Kirichenko.

SkyWay - Opening of InnoTrans, opening of SkyWay

A report from the display stand located in the exhibition pavilion at InnoTrans 2016 in Berlin. It is right here that the industrial samples of SkyWay rolling stock and transport technologies are demonstrated to the world for the first time. They offer a worthy alternative to all the ways of transferring passengers and cargo currently known. Our Company presents to the attention of experts and officials from all around the world a unibus (urban passenger vehicle, cabin capacity ― 14 people, maximum speed ― 150 km/h, system performance ― up to 50 thousand passengers per hour), a unibike (intermediate transport option between a public and personal vehicle, cabin capacity ― 2 people, maximum speed ― 150 km/h, system performance ― up to 10 thousand passengers per hour), a security module for the intellectual SkyWay string fencing, a functioning model of the transport system and much more. The SkyWay display stand equipped in such a way ranks by significance alongside the expositions prepared by the leading players in the transport market and promises to be a real opening of the current exhibition, where already today the future is created.

The concept of placing in the Arctic the productive forces on the basis of A.E. Yunitskiy infrastructure

Bulletin of the Murmansk State Technical University has published a scientific article of Doctor of Geographical Sciences, Head of Sector of Productive Forces Distribution and Territorial Planning in Institute of Economics, The Ural Branch of RAS Vladimir Litovsky "The concept of placing in the Arctic the productive forces on the basis of A.E. Yunitskiy infrastructure of the second level and the spatial model of the transport network "Polar lace" for "mobile settlements". Abstract. For transition from the mono industry type model of development of Arctic territories and ports to the model of their high-tech development at the example its Ural sector the concept of placing in the Arctic the productive forces on the basis of innovative A.E. Yunitskiy infrastructure of the second level and the spatial model of the transport network "Polar lace" for "mobile settlements" have been offered. Key words: the Arctic, Ural, ports, interconnected development, innovative A.E. Yunitskiy infrastructure of the second level, network "Polar lace", mobile settlements. For more details - see attached concept (in Russian).

SkyWay is at height again

SkyWay goes on inspiring people to do fine and brave things. For example, quite recently you learned about the courageous Guzel Magasumova that hoisted the SkyWay flag on top of the Mount Elbrus. Now on September 18, 2016 our investor Robertas Katilius made a new desperate move ― he jumped with a parachute spreading out the SkyWay flag in-flight at the height of 2,800 meters. Robertas is a parachutist with the experience: this parachute jump was 1,009-th in his sports career. Robertas took the decision to make a SkyWay-jump immediately after visiting the EcoFest in EcoTechnoPark. "We are given the chance to become shareholders in the grandiose project. I wanted to do something that not everyone can do. By this jump I want to say to the world that the SkyWay is the best, the most ambitious project in the world, and that the SkyWay will be not only on Earth but also in the sky." According to Robertas, in SkyWay he is attracted by its novelty, eco-friendliness, unlimited possibilities of the project, and, most importantly, ― by the fact that this transport will really save the planet. We offer you the video of the SkyWay-jump and the stunning photos of this event.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016 - SkyWay New Personal Investor Account

Friends, we are pleased to present you a new personal investor account at the stage of beta testing! You can now see the new ergonomics LK created for your convenience, and get used to the changes. Start to use a new version of the cabinet, you can follow the link:
Back to the old design is also very easy - we provide for you a special move button on the previous version. Beta testing involves the participation of our investors and partners to improve the personal account. If you are suddenly faced with errors and problems in his work - just email them to our support team directly from their LC, we will fix everything!
Enjoy using, you will love it!

Monday, August 29, 2016

[FULL HD VIDEO] How to buy shares in SkyWay?

[FULL HD VIDEO] How to buy shares in SkyWay? Get 1000% per 1-2 years! Check HD to watch manual in good quality.
Registration ABC for newbie in world of SkyWay Transport


Exchanger web site

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Laser in SkyWay EcoTechnoPark

Today all of us have the opportunity to see EcoTechnoPark the way no one has seen it before. The closer is the time of commissioning the first stage of SkyWay EcoTechnoPark, the higher is the tension: work does not stop, day or night. We decided to use this opportunity to show you measuring of the installation quality of supports at the urban track that precedes the beginning of trusses installation. SkyWay employees use for this kind of work special laser-measuring instruments. In addition, laser target markers were also used for visual control and better clarity. The show was truly magical! A laser is a direct parallel to SkyWay string routes, a perfectly straight and thin beam. The so-called laser communications are booming currently. The laser allowed to increase the speed of information transmission by several times, and also became a real breakthrough in medicine, chemistry and many other industries. SkyWay will become the same breakthrough, which will eliminate the imbalance between the transfer speeds of information and matter. It is noteworthy that the lasers appeared here shortly before stretching the strings. Pleasant viewing!


Attention! Ongoing children's painting competition on the theme of "String transport SkyWay". Until 31 August inclusive, we ask the youngest participants of the project send us your work email address or to the address (Skyway technologies", Republic of Belarus, Minsk, Ave Dzerzhinsky, 104, K. 703Б, 220116).

Attention! ONLY accepts scans of their works, or paper options.

The best works will decorate a calendar of the SkyWay group of companies for 2017. The authors of the works included in the edition will get a calendar SkyWay as a gift.

The letter must specify the name of the picture, city, age, name and surname of the participant.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Thursday, August 11, 2016

SkyWay broadcast by Australian TV channel

The Australian TV channel "9news@" released a video footage revealing the details of the plan on SkyWay technology implementation in the local transport infrastructure. The report highlights the project of the ex-CEO of the Transport Department of South Australia Rod Hook on construction of a SkyWay line in the city of Unley. According to Rod Hook, the use of SkyWay technology to improve the city transport system is more beneficial from the economic point of view and more efficient solution than the extension of existing tramlines planned by the local administration.
"I am confident the SkyWay system will be considerably less costly than a conventional tram line," says Mr. Hook in his interview to the Australian TV channel.

Prototypes of suspended and mounted urban Unibuses (1:10)

ABOUT TECHNOLOGY NEWS ABOUT MEDIA Details representatives SkyWay business trip to Kyrgyzstan

On a business trip ended with representatives of SkyWay Capital on key cities of Kyrgyzstan last week. After returning from a tour of the working group leader Alexei Vasiliev has given an interview in which a more detailed account of the purpose of the tour, the meetings scheduled for the visit plans and prospects for the development of a string of transport in the region. - Alex, tell us where to start your trip to Kyrgyzstan: you were invited or was it your own initiative? - My trip to Kyrgyzstan began much earlier than in July. It began in April, when we were in Minsk Ekofeste SkyWay in EkoTehnoParke. It was at this event I met with people interested in the development of technology in the territory of Kyrgyzstan. Then Alex Sukhodoev first suggested that I SkyWay project development in the country and submit it SkyWay Capital, the company. Following this, negotiations were held with people who are actively supporting the project on the territory of Kyrgyzstan, in which we know the date, the route and activities of my journey. Accordingly, my trip was planned. Kyrgyz partners in the field have organized it so that in the short term could reach more cities and to SkyWay project to the greatest number of people. Because of this, during my stay in the country, I introduced the technology a huge number of people who could spend hundreds of presentations and talks at various levels. - What are the goals you are pursuing on this trip? - The main objective, of course, acted report as much information about SkyWay technology to the greatest number of citizens of Kyrgyzstan. In addition, we have focused on expanding partner network, talks about the possibility of cooperation with representatives of local authorities. With these objectives, I believe we coped quite well. So, even before my first conference, I met with the mayor of Osh city (Kyrgyzstan's second capital, the second city in importance, as it is called "the southern capital of Kyrgyzstan"). I made a presentation to the mayor, who showed great interest in the technology. The conference has attracted the attention of the local press, has been featured on television and in the press, as a result of the SkyWay learned very many. - You were almost a pioneer in Kyrgyzstan. Many people with whom you have met, heard about SkyWay project for the first time. Was it difficult to break through the wall of the initial misunderstanding and a changed attitude to the extent that, as people learned about the project more? Exactly how people perceive information? - Our technology - it is an opportunity for everyone. Of course, there are people who are struggling to understand this, which is more a fantasy, not tomorrow, and far into the future. On the other hand, a lot of people is able to see this moment. Fortunately, these - the majority. When you deliver information to a person when he understands how our technology can be useful for him, for his country, for his family, he perceives this information. In general, technology is viewed with great enthusiasm. Visual confirmation - that as a result of a trip to our already joined a huge number of investors - the citizens of Kyrgyzstan. Their number continues to increase with each passing day, is growing exponentially. People are now motivate and we will continue to move in this direction. Kyrgyzstan has great potential for the use of technology. - At a meeting with representatives of the administration, together with interest, if there were any difficulties? Whether it was about the possibility of a specific application SkyWay technology in the region? - The main difficulty in the negotiations with the representatives of the administration is that before there is an understanding of the benefits that is able entail the introduction of SkyWay technology, everyone thinks that they have to ask for money. But as the conversation, everything falls into place. As people practice the warehouse, officials for the most part very quickly able to assess the benefits of the technology, and will soon begin to estimate how with our help you can implement SkyWay on territories under their control, what benefits it can bring to residents of a particular region. Features specific applications SkyWay in Kyrgyzstan are very wide and we will certainly discuss them with representatives of the administration, to appreciate them and confirmed their interest in cooperation. Thus, according to the presentation in the City Hall of Osh, we have reached an agreement to hold more detailed negotiations in an expanded format, which is scheduled for the end of August this year. I believe that their outcome will be the development roadmap of SkyWay technology in the territory of Kyrgyzstan and sign a number of cooperation documents. - As a result, you are communicating with different people: a "simple" and "complicated" (representatives of the administration and the local business community). Someone with a more enthusiastic about SkyWay-term construction in the region? - Of course, it is ordinary citizens. They see its benefits, it is clear to them. The business community is watching with great interest, but nobody wants to be the first and, at the same time, nobody wants to be second. Sunset in Kyrgyzstan took place in July for the first time, so we will follow the development. Again, at the end of August we are going to return to the country in an expanded format, and then we will have another round of events in Kyrgyzstan. - While in Kyrgyzstan, have you noticed any infrastructure problems that exist in the region? Do you think the place is especially dire need of SkyWay technology and how its implementation could affect the quality of life in different regions? - Of course. In itself not a rich country, Kyrgyzstan, people live modestly. At the same time, there is a beautiful nature and a range of hard mineral deposits that develop today - is unprofitable because of the high cost of infrastructure. This region is very interesting in terms of tourism. Pearl of Central Asia, Issyk-Kul, is it in Kyrgyzstan. We visited on it - fantastic unforgettable experience. There's going to a lot of people from all over the country. I think that the presence of SkyWay roads, this place could become a tourist mecca, and for the people of Russia. The same can be said of many other sights of Kyrgyzstan, which are now inaccessible to most people because of the absence of normal transport infrastructure. There are problems in communication between the major population centers, and in the cities themselves. Kyrgyzstan - a mountainous country, between the two cities of Osh and Bishkek (south and north) on mountain serpentine the distance is 650 km. When designing high-Osh-Bishkek highway directly, the distance would be about 250-300 km. With our speed for half an hour can be get from the southern to the northern capital. When such a topic we have discussed with the people they clutched at his head and exclaimed: "Is that possible?". This could be a solution for job search in the same region when there are difficulties with its search. It could be just half an hour to go to work and come back. Roads have - generally a problem. Very few roads. The use of our technology in an urban environment would also be important. For example, in Osh, they have a point of interest - Suleiman-mountain, - around which also possible to use a walking track. The country is Muslim pilgrims climb the mountain to see the beauty of this mountain. I think the region would have flourished in terms of attracting new investments and tourism. As a result, for myself, I noted two priorities in Kyrgyzstan: the development of freight lines for mining and tourist destination - the road to Issyk-Kul, Osh-Bishkek road, walking paths around tourist attractions. - What do you think, what are the immediate prospects for the development of SkyWay in the region? - During the meetings with representatives of local authorities, I was convinced of their readiness to develop cooperation in many directions. Upcoming events that are waiting for all of us - it's InnoTrans, transport certification EkoTehnoParke ... Time is working for us, everything that is happening with our company, working exclusively on the fact that people quickly and positively took the necessary decisions. I think that the coming events will affect the development not only in Kyrgyzstan, but throughout the world. - At least, in Kyrgyzstan the way you have prepared. - The soil is prepared, "seeds" planted, we will water them, nurture, we will wait for germination and fruit ...